NY Fan Update – No Sports :/

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As most of the world knows already, the COVID-19 is putting a stoppage to sports all across the country. This leaves us New York sports fans with no sports for the upcoming months until the NBA hopefully decides its safe to resume play again.

This comes at an unfortunate time for the Brooklyn Nets who were just coming off their best win of the season on the road against the west leading Lakers and winning their last 3 games. They were sitting in the 7th seed in the eastern conference standings and trending towards the 6th seed. If and when the NBA comes back they have discussed just skipping to the playoffs. This would mean the Nets would match up against the Toronto Raptors in the opening series. This would be a very good match up for the Nets as they beat them the last time they played and matched up very well with them. This off time will also give star PG, Kyrie Irving much needed time off to get back to 100% healthy and he will make a huge impact for them.

The MLB season was slated to kick off later this month and as of now has no return date. They could end up playing a reduced regular season schedule instead of the normal 162 game slate. This off time will give the Yankees some time to get healthy, much needed for their all-star OF Aaron Judge who has been banged up all spring training.

The NHL season similarly to the NBA was scheduled to end pretty soon, with just about 12 games left. The Islanders were skidding losing their last 7 games and dropping to the 6th team in the Metropolitan division. Similar to their cross-town rivals the Rangers were not playing their best hockey as well. Falling into the 7th spot in the Metro division, only one above the last team. If and when the NHL comes back, look for them to skip ahead to the playoffs. This would eliminate both the Rangers and Islanders from playoff contention.

Definitely a sad time in the sporting world right now. However the NFL draft is still scheduled to take place, something exciting for us New York fans with 2 teams having high draft picks!

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